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Gatwick - How Low Can You Go?

Gatwick's Big Enough

Gatwick plans 40% more flights and over 50% more passengers. It wants to be a 70 million-passenger airport, nearly the size Heathrow is today..

We have come together with many other groups around Gatwick to form 'Gatwick's Big Enough' to fight this toxic expansion.

With your help we think we can stop them.

Gatwick's growth would mean:

  • An estimated extra 1 million tons of CO2 emitted every year with serious climate change consequences
  • More noise for all communities under flight paths
  • Health impacts including increased rates of heart attacks and strokes and impaired cognitive development in children
  • Adverse impacts on heritage assets including Penshurst Place, Hever Castle and Chiddingstone Castle, and on Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Possible reduction in property values
  • More road and rail congestion
  • Poorer local air quality

Growth without Scrutiny

40% of Gatwick's growth would come from using the airport's emergency runway on a routine basis for the first time. There will be a detailed planning enquiry on that starting in 2020 where you will have a chance to make your views known.

But 60% of the airport's proposed growth would come from more intensive use of the airport's main runway. Gatwick doesn't think it needs any planning permission or any other consent for that growth. It believes it has an absolute right to impose all that growth on local communities with no consultation and no scrutiny.

What can you do now?

1: Write

Please write to the Secretary of State for Transport and to the leader of your county and borough councils to tell them that growth without scrutiny isn't acceptable. Please use your own words but some points you might want to make are here - Gatwick Airport: Growth Without Scrutiny.

Key contacts:

Secretary of State for Transport
Department for Transport
Great Minster House
33 Horseferry Road
United Kingdom

Kent County Council leader:
West Sussex County Council leader:
East Sussex County Council leader:

Once the general election has been held please also write to your MP.

2: Fund our campaign

Please make a donation to help us run the campaign to oppose Gatwick's expansion. Amongst other things we need legal advice, planning advice and funds for leaflets and our website.

We held an open meeting on 1st November to discuss this expansion.
200 were clicked-in giving us a full house. Thank you if you were one of them. We're getting closer to our Phase I £10,000 target every day.

This is what 1 cubic ton of CO2 looks like (if you could see it).

8.128m3 or 26ft 8ins cubed.

1 ton of C02

Imagine if our initial £10,000 helped stop 1 million cubic tons of CO2 (every year, ad infinitum) then £100 could help stop 10,000 tons of CO2. £10 - 1,000 tons.

A million cubic tons of CO2 would stretch from Gatwick to Beijing. Every single year.

You can contribute online (our preferred option, as no fees) at:

Account: 'Gatwick Obviously Not'
Sort code: 30 98 77

Account No.: 54435360
Kindly email when paying so we can acknowledge, say thank you and keep in touch.

Or you can contribute via our Crowdfunding site at:

Or send a cheque payable to 'Gatwick Obviously Not' to:

Charles Lloyd
Penshurst Road
TN11 8HY

Kindly enclose your contact details so we can acknowledge, say thank you and keep in touch.

Martin Barraud
Gatwick Obviously Not


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